We are moving our offices .

Gel supply Chain are Blessed beyond believe and with all the new challenges we have coming to us this new year we have decided to make some strategic moves .
Gel supply chain offices will relocate to Oubaai Hotel retail centre nr 13 – and 14
Here we will also run our other businesses from namely Gel import and export Pty Ltd, Gel investments Namibia and Gel Freddy’s wholesale in the Dr Congo , as well as our business in Rotterdam – M3T2.
Erina will also continue with Bless -our charity division – we will keep on suppling where, what  and when we can .
Thank you to all our loyal suppliers ,transporters and traders for making our dreams come true .
We  have read an article today written from a person at Standard bank predicting how bad it will be in our industry this year . She urged the banks to find solutions to help Transporters and logistics.   She also claims that most of the smaller transporters will go down .
Well we  don’t want to say too much about this statement but we have been argued with banks the past 3 Years on exactly these words – it almost looked liked we had written the article ourselves only 3 years earlier.  It just shows you that if you are on the other end of the table you do not really have the correct view of the industry at all times.
We changed our strategy on transport 3 Years ago and we are now just in line for the new way of transport and logistics , this is by no means sorted , we need to make a few changes every day , but we are now on par after seeing and believing in what we feel what was right .

Bertus Esterhuizen is our new accountant. He is situated in Malmesbury .

Being  with Price Waterhouse Coopers for a few years and then at Nedbank as a credit annalist for 8 years – welcome and good luck .
Welmie Oliver is still in Cape town doing import maize as well as other local Western Cape loads and still taking care of all new applicants and enquiries.
Anina in Bloemfontein doing local loads for the rest of our operating area except Western Cape province.
Erina is still the marketing person beyond all of Gel and will focus  on the PE imports this coming year.

Gert will be focusing more on our Import and Export businesses .

All the best for this roller coaster year ahead of us

God Bless


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