About us in a nutshell:

Loyalty for prosperity is the philosophy behind every action and decision at the GEL Group. For GEL Group owners Gert and Erina van Schalkwyk managing logistics is a calling. They are upfront about their faith in God and their purpose in the world. Their passion, loyalty and integrity inspire a confidence which is evident in their approach to people and in the way they solve problems.

GEL is more than a company that offers unique supply chain solutions; it is a dedication to faith. At GEL, loyalty is more than mere lip-service; it is a devotion to God, a commitment to clients and a duty to the community. At GEL, prosperity is more than profit; it is wealth of spirit which can only be attained through loyalty.

With faith as foundation, GEL is the culmination of the strengths of its owners’ expertise in transport and logistical management. GEL clients benefit from an in-depth knowledge of a variety of industries combined with an instinctive approach that merges fact and emotion with passion.

GEL operates on the principle of trust capital. By nurturing loyal transport and logistical supply network clients, GEL is able to offer complete peace of mind to national and international trade clients in terms of supply chain solutions. This circle of trust is an investment that grows exponentially and continues to strengthen this chain.

GEL’s flexible approach to clients’ needs allows the company to remain a step ahead of competitors. The company is able to adapt quickly to challenges by merging technical know-how with sound judgement. When negotiating, GEL’s aim is not only gaining a contract or a client – it is gaining a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust.
GEL understands the value of time. Giving clients the time they deserve is a combination of saving time and spending time. On the one hand time is saved by a strict adherence to deadlines and a short turn-around time as possible in terms of the completion of projects. On the other hand quality time is spent with clients for a thorough discussion about their needs and possible solutions to problems. This balancing act enables clients to have more time to spend on their core business activities while placing their trust in GEL to solve and manage all logistical challenges.

GEL’s vision is loyalty for prosperity through unique supply chain solutions that are sustainable and mutually beneficial.

GEL serves its clients and provides peace of mind:
• through contemporary, tailor-made and sophisticated solutions to logistical problems
• through providing comprehensive supply chain solutions that are adapted to the needs of a specific client
• through gaining respect and instilling trust by putting a high premium on loyalty.

  • Be honourable
    GEL’s actions and decisions are based on a clear sense of what is morally right. This applies to traders, transporters and the community in which the company operates.
  • Be transparent
    GEL is clear and unambiguous about tariffs, deadlines, possible problems as well as available contingency plans.
  • Be innovative
    GEL is differentiated from competitors by its unique approach to logistical management and the ability to develop new solutions through technology and creativity.

Corporate social responsibility / Community investment

At the heart of the GEL Group’s commitment to community investment and development is the desire to make a difference to the lives of people. GEL is as loyal to this cause as to its core business, and the group’s dedication to loyalty for prosperity is especially evident in the scope of projects that are supported. Through Bless, the GEL group broadens its circle of trust to include vulnerable communities who will benefit from the group’s prosperity and wealth of spirit.

GEL Group offers: