Loyalty for prosperity is the philosophy behind every action and decision at the GEL Group. For GEL Group owners Gert and Erina van Schalkwyk managing logistics is a calling. They are upfront about their faith in God and their purpose in the world. Their passion, loyalty and integrity inspire a confidence which is evident in their approach to people and in the way they solve problems.
GEL is more than a company that offers unique supply chain solutions; it is a dedication to faith. At GEL, loyalty is more than mere lip-service; it is a devotion to God, a commitment to clients and a duty to the community. At GEL, prosperity is more than profit; it is wealth of spirit which can only be attained through loyalty. With faith as foundation, GEL is the culmination of the strengths of its owners’ expertise in transport and logistical management. 



Garden Route Cargo