Transport and Logistics

GEL manages the full logistical function of transport contracts, including

  • providing suitable and sufficient trucks
  • arranging for times and slots at loading and off-loading points
  • stock control
  • meeting of deadlines within contract specifications

GEL offers a logistics option in the form of contract management, including

  • managing the full logistics function of a contract
  • providing transport according to the trader's needs
  • stock control
  • arrangements for loading and off-loading at silos, farms, harbours, mills, factories, etc.
  • incorporating special instructions from the trader
    invoicing of the full contract at the end of the contract
  • transport payment if required by trader
  • storage of applicable documentation
  • handling of all minor queries regarding the contract
  • flexibility to be stationed at loading and/or off-loading points if required by trader
  • enabling the trader to monitor contract movement and/or stock levels on the GEL system via modern technology
  • arranging for storage if required by trader
  • arranging for casual staff at loading and/or off-loading points if required by trader
  • arranging for special equipment (including special type of transport motif, forklift or crane) if required by trader